Welcome to my Design Gallery featuring some of my fun, graphic designs for kids, grown-ups and young adults. Click on the icons to see a sampling of product concepts. And, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact me to see more of my designs or to discuss your ideas.

Cowgirl Connie

Brave, tough and up to any challenge, Cowgirl Connie is an inspiration to gals young and old. Click on the arrows to see more examples. Click on the arrows to see more examples.

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Fun in the glistening water with friends and the dog and the beach balls.

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Creepy crawlies for your little entomologist.

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For your little explorer and animal-lover.

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For the streetwise kid.

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Tropical Kid

A tropical beach vacation for your mind.

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Sailor Jacques

For the little mariner. The salt air, the clanging of bells and the flapping of flags adorned with Sailor Jacques and his oceanic friends. Click on the arrows to see more.

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Wild Beasts

Prepare the young ones for the real world in all its beastliness and wildness with these Wild Beasts. Click on the arrows for more examples.

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A splash of color for a minimalist decor. Click on the arrows for more examples.

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Santa & Friends

A very graphic Santa, Elf and Reindeer.

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Metro Kid

What you're lacking in birds, trees and blue sky, you more than make up for with FUN, FUN, FUN in the big city! For the big city kid or small town wannabe. Click on arrows for more samples.

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Egg Holiday

A pleasant day at the park for young parents and their as-yet-unborn progeny. Perfect for a baby shower! Click on the arrows to see more.

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The City. Day and night. The majesty and the mystery. The yin and the yang. Click on arrows for more examples.

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Cowboy Pete

Tall in the saddle, always a gentleman, Pete and his best friend, Bucky are ridin' the range. For cowpokes of all ages. Click on the arrows to see more.

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Inspired by Colonial and Pennsylvania Dutch motifs and Latin American folk art, it evokes growth and fertility.

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Fresh Fish

The classic checkerboard motif with FISH! Whether you serve fish, fish for fish or keep fish in a bowl.

8 Photos

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